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Demystifying Progressive Web Apps (PWA)


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Progressive Web Apps


Progressive Web Apps are the latest industry trend that helps businesses to gain more engaged and loyal customers. It is suitable for both the mobile and web worlds. Progressive Web Apps are Reliable.

Progressive Web Apps are the latest industry trend that helps businesses to gain more engaged and loyal customers. It is suitable for both the mobile and web-worlds. Progressive Web Apps are:

  • Reliable – They load quickly and never show unable to connect to the internet even in uncertain network conditions.
  • Fast – Their responses to user interactions are so fast and silky smooth animations with no janky scrolling.
  • Engaging – It provides the best user experience and feels like a natural app on the device.

But, what really Progressive Web Apps are? What are their benefits and characteristics? Want to know? You are on the right platform. At the end of this blog, you will know the answer to these questions.

What Are The Progressive Web Apps?


The Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the apps that use the abilities of the modern web to deliver the best experience for users. Web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS which are long-recognized are used by the Progressive web apps but have the feel and functionality of a native app.

All progressive web apps have three important criteria:

It must run with an HTTPS that means a secure connection. This connection is most important for the best security and building trust with consumers.
Web App Manifest file must be included in it. The information relating to the PWA’s appearance and function is in the JSON file.
Service Worker feature must be there in it. Service workers help you determine how to handle the PWA’s network requests and are pieces of script that run in the background.

The Characteristics of a Progressive Web App


1. Progressive

Regardless of any browser PWAs work For all users. This is because using any features available on the user’s browser or device, PWAs are developed with progressive enhancement. 

2. Responsive

The user interfaces of PWAs fit any device like mobile, desktop, or tablet.

3. Connectivity independent

PWAs are amplified with service workers that allow users to work offline or on low-quality networks.

4. App-like

They look like native apps as they use the application shell model. It provides app-style interactions and navigations. 

5. Fresh

Thanks to the service worker update process because of which the apps are always up to date with the latest technology and trends.

6. Safe

To ward off man-in-the-middle attacks and ensure the content hasn’t been mitigated, PWAs are served via TLS.

7. Discoverable

It becomes indefinitely easy for search engines to discover them as PWAs are websites. 

8. Re-engageable

PWAs make re-engagement simple chivalry of features like push notifications as Mobile users are likely to re-use their apps.

9. Installable

The installable characteristic of PWAs enables users to put their most-used apps on their home screen without troubling an app store.

10. Linkable

It is easy to share PWAs by URL and does not need a complicated installation process.

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps


Progressive web apps are new to the application scene but they are already gaining the attention of lots because of their undeniable advantages. Below are progressive web apps benefits:

  • You don’t have to worry about submitting your app to different app stores
  • Developers can freely build progressive web apps using standard web technologies
  • It is usually cheaper to build progressive web apps
  • As you are turning your website into an application there are fewer code-bases to maintain
  • They are responsive and work with various screen sizes as progressive web apps are built for compatibility across many devices
  • Smooth, quick, and lightweight are the most important benefits of progressive web apps
  • You don’t have to throw large sums of money at Google and Apple as there is no need when opting for PWAs
  • You can use progressive web apps even when you are offline as your web browser can cache them
  • People can use search engines to discover PWAs, which is particularly great because more people use search engines than frequent app stores. Of course, through app stores, if you want you can still get your PWAs distributed
  • Progressive web apps also count towards SEO as they are discoverable through search engines
  • To re-engage users with timely updates you can use the progressive web app’s push notifications
  • The organic Installation of the progressive web apps leads to higher user engagement

The Challenges Of Progressive Web Apps


  • Progressive web apps are not compatible with Android OS but not with iOS. Apple denied PWAs to access numerous features like Face ID, Touch ID, Bluetooth, battery information, and beacons.
  • Progressive web apps are unoptimized for legacy devices when it comes to old web browsers as they have only been around a few years back.
  • Progressive Web Apps are still in the growing stage and provide limited cross-browser support, especially in Safari.
  • Progressive web apps are developed with high-level web code as they are plagued by high battery usage which makes the devices work harder to interpret.


Progressive web apps are the new and latest technology and they are still in the growing stage. But if the developer community takes advantage of the features offered by progressive web apps such as easy to implement, robust performance, and speed then users will consume these web apps in supported browsers. So, you need professionals to guide you either to use progressive web apps or go for other technology.  Want to contact professionals to help you to make decisions or to know more about the PWAs? Redlio Design has answers to all your questions regarding progressive web apps. Our experts at Redlio Designs would be pleased to guide you regarding the progressive web apps.

We will be happy to serve you! So, contact us now to know more about progressive web apps and our services.

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