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The Best Practices To Design Dark Mode For Mobile Apps In 2021


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Dark Mode in Mobile Apps


The dark mode is the most requested feature in-app design in 2021 over the last few years. it becomes more demanding because it relaxes your eyes, dim the lighting, and saves energy.

The new generation just loves the feature of dark mode. It has also been the most requested feature in-app design in 2021 over the last few years. It is one of the latest trends in design, and big brands across the globe like WhatsApp, Instagram, Google, Facebook, and Apple have already been in the race on the dark mode design train. It is becoming more and more demanding because it relaxes your eyes, dim the lighting, and saves energy. Thus, while creating dark themes, you have to make sure to make them enjoyable, readable and stabilized. But if it is not designed correctly, the dark mode can work opposite of its gain. You should be very careful while designing it and hire professionals.

The official launch of Android 10 and iOS 13 increases the demand for Dark theme User Interfaces in the limelight. Apple and Google both have been dedicating their resources and giving keen attention to the trending tech which is a dark mode for the past few years. 

According to a report, over 81.9% of Android users are enjoying the dark mode on their mobile phones, inside their apps, or elsewhere when it's available. The dark mode can be used everywhere regardless of website and app designs.

If you want to know the best and latest practices of designing the dark mode for mobile apps then this blog is for you. In this blog, we will cover all the tips and techniques that will help you design the dark mode appropriately for mobile apps. So be with us at the end of this blog you will know everything about the dark mode.

Let’s dig in!

Reasons To Opt Dark Mode


  • Because It’s Trending

The dark mode is one of the most trending and demanding design elements from the past few years. Day by day it is developing in the current market demands.

  • Saves Battery’s Life

Google confirmed that the dark mode works amazingly on OLED screens to extend the device’s battery life. The dark mode of an application saves a device’s battery life in the long run.

  • Take Care Of Health & Wellness

Too much brightness of the apps is harmful to your eyes if used in the long run. The most important benefit of the dark mode is that it relaxes your eyes to open and work on applications in the darkness, solving this health as well as wellness problems.

Ways To Design Dark Mode Effectively For Mobile App 


Use Grey Instead Of Pure Black

When you add mode to your app, go for the dark grey or similar shade instead of pure black. The dark grey shade is wise to use it calm the eye and it is easier for you to stare at shadows on a dark grey surface as compared to black. Your app’s dark theme should not be whole white text on black background. As it can be hard to explore a high contrast screen.

Avoid Using Saturated Colors on Dark Backgrounds

When used on light backgrounds, saturated colors provide a greater visual appeal. Conversely, the same colors create a vibration effect on dark surfaces which makes them difficult to read. It is advisable to use desaturated primary colors that will deepen the contrast against dark surfaces.

As per the best practice, it is advisable to use colors in the range of 200-50 as they will improve the readability in dark mode.

Must Use “On” Colors for Text

“On” colors are the colors that are shown on the top of components and key surfaces. These colors are generally used for text. For a dark theme, pure white is used mainly and is considered as the default “on” color. It is recommended to use a darker white as these colors lead to visual vibration against dark backgrounds.

We suggest you use lighter font weights for dark mode as when you use light text on a dark background, it will appear bolder when compared to dark text on lighter backgrounds.

Restrain Combining Background Colors and Images

When you switch from light to dark mode, Background colors will change but the images will remain the same. Thus, designers must avoid combining background colors and images if they need their design to be dark mode compatible.

Must Use Transparent Images in PNG Format

Always use transparent images in PNG format to ensure dark mode compatibility. The reason for this is that these images will take up the background colors on reversal. Due to this, your image will look good in dark mode and also in light mode.

Must Consider Your Brand’s Personality and Emotional Appeal

Many designers ignored this point as far as dark mode compatibility is concerned. They try to rejuvenate the same emotional appeal through a dark theme. We won’t advise you of this as people will perceive colors differently according to their background.

As a result, you won’t be able to call up the same emotions in dark mode settings as in light mode. Instead, what you can do is make use of this opportunity to create your product’s identity.

Test and offer freedom

You should test both dark as well as light modes of your design. You can experiment with each mode and make the appropriate changes based on user feedback. People’s preferences can indeed be unpredictable, so don’t cubbyhole your users. Let them adhere to their display from light mode to dark mode. This allows users to control their own experience and let them feel more like an individual.

Bottom Line

In the coming days, Dark mode is all set to gain immense momentum. You must look into this as an approach to getting closer to accomplishing your eagerness to provide a healthy user experience. With the help of the above-mentioned tips, you can design the best in the class mobile app for the best dark mode experience. If you don’t want to take stress about the design of the dark mode you can hire the best UI/UX designers from us. Redlio Designs is here to help!

Ready to design dark mode for mobile app? Contact us right now. We will be happy to serve you! 

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