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How Much Does It Cost To Design a Mobile App?


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Design a Mobile App


Statistics say that the retention rates are much lower for mobile applications with poor UI/UX design. your application doesn’t stand out because of the bad design and lack of user-friendly features.

Designing the mobile application is the most critical part irrespective of the efforts on curating it to be unique and innovative. The long-run profitability and user community interaction completely depend on the mobile application design.

Appealing visual imprints accompanied by user-friendly designs make your mobile application stand out amongst its competitors. Understanding the business aspects and market success should always be a prerequisite of any mobile application developer. 

Design-driven approach:


The design-driven mobile application approach primarily focuses on market research, graphics design, competitor analysis, and UI/UX design. Let us read how much costing is required for the design of a mobile application.

Statistics say that the retention rates are much lower for mobile applications with poor UI/UX design. More than 70% of the mobile applications designed for online businesses don’t work because of the bad design and lack of user-friendly features.

UI/UX design:


An excellent UI/UX design of the mobile application has many perks to offer such as simplified user interaction, organized and clarified approach for the mobile application development, boosts the user engagement rates, and has the ability to convert users into loyal customers.

Stages for the design of a mobile application:

cost-of-mobile-app-design-Stages for-the-design-of-a-mobile-application

Estimating the design costs without having deeper knowledge and understanding of the various facets of the mobile application design process would do injustice. Let us discuss the stages involved in the design of a mobile application.

    • Prototyping - Every design of a mobile application begins with a schematic and structured plan. The skeleton design is called the prototype which gives the client a sample of the future by-product. Sometimes referred to as wireframing is an intelligent approach as it provides flexibility and allows minor modifications in design requirements if any.
    • Target staging - The two predominant mobile application operating systems are Android and IOS. They vary on the basis of various parameters such as routing, design, and components.IOS has everything normalized whereas Android has a wide range of organizations and goals.
    • Screen compatibility - Any mobile application makes a place in the market because of the intricacy and usefulness that it offers to the user community. The configuration and compatibility with various screens and browsers make the mobile application more functional.
    • Building an effective UX (User experience) design plan - The ultimate and most crucial phase of the design of a mobile application is an effective UI UX (User experience) design plan. Three elements of focus in UX design are the screens, application logos, and icons. In addition to the UX design this phase also primarily focuses on user testing and reviews.
    • Customized animations and illustrations - Visual imprints make your mobile application more user-friendly and engaging. In-depth knowledge of graphic designing can help mobile application developers curate visuals that are in line with the entire application design. Illustrations are descriptive visuals that are realistic and responsive describing unique characters. Designing animations are much tougher than illustrations because of the usage of dynamic components embedded into them. The two types of animations are illustrated and customized. The choice of the style notion and design complexity defines and impacts costing for the design of a mobile application.
    • Administration costs - Most of the components are recharged and redeveloped which requires administration costs. In addition to this, there are configuration settings costs and certain application maintenance costs.

Let us read and have a brief idea on cost for the design of a mobile application:

    • Complexity assessment - The classification of mobile applications on the basis of complexity level is simple, moderate, and complex. Mobile application complexity is based on a range of factors like mobile application performance, target user community, and compatibility with various platforms.
    • Location - Costing for the design of a mobile application also depends on the geographical location. The mobile application development cost extensively varies across boundaries and the type of design tools employed.
    • Professional Knowledge and expertise - Budgeting and forecasting are the core of design costing. Depending on the scalability, experience, and platform the mobile application developers are paid according to their technical expertise and practical implementations.

Impressive portfolio and precise solutions help build a reputation and world-class quality mobile application. To optimize the design costs, analyze the business requirements and strategize your project design. Hire our mobile application development experts for clarity on the mobile application design and to get more details on the costing insights.

Let’s wrap up

Understanding the crux of costing for the design of a mobile application and impactful user experience saves up to half of the mobile application development time. Hence, by selecting and curating the mobile application on the basis of the expected features you wish it’s easy to control the expenses. Budgeting is a skill that is mastered by mobile application developers and it comes with experience. This article is the best guidebook to the audience that is amateurs in the mobile application development industry. 

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