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How Coronavirus is Affecting eCommerce? - Facts & Figures


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Coronavirus Pandemic


In the year 2020, when the COVID hit the world and worsened the situation, suddenly it was frightening to buy products from the physical store. This is when eCommerce picked up the pace.

The Coronavirus has affected the lives of everyone in the world, be it of human beings or the business. There has been a drastic change in the eCommerce world after the coronavirus pandemic hit the globe.

However, change can be for the good as well as bad. Was the change good and for the betterment of our lives or the other way around? To know that, there’s only one way. Reading the article on how Coronavirus is Affecting eCommerce. Oh yes! You are reading that only.

Here in this article, we have explained the trends on how the corona is affecting eCommerce with dependable statistics.

Do you know?

The worldwide retail eCommerce sales were 4.28 trillion US dollars by the end of 2020, around two million people shopped online during the pandemic period. (Statista)

eCommerce During Coronavirus Pandemic

In the year 2020, when the COVID hit the world and worsened the situation, suddenly it was frightening to buy products from the physical store. This is when eCommerce picked up the pace.

The only option to get the essentials delivered to your doorstep easily and safely was through online shopping or ordering via phone call. Gen Z and Millennial generations were already relying on online shopping for a long time. But Corona made Gen X and Boomers also started believing in online shopping.

Shutting down of brick and mortar stores for the time being worked positively for online businesses. Everyone understood, the only option is to try and trust. And since then, the eCommerce industry has been booming very well.

So, is it the end of Physical Retail Stores?

No, obviously not. However, the necessity of the online store has risen. No matter whether you are owning a small business or a large-scale business, get the eCommerce website developed for your business. The future of eCommerce is bright and has surprises for everyone.

Let’s see a few of the statistics about the eCommerce Sales in different sectors during or after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Facts & Figures on How COVID is Affecting the eCommerce Sector:

  • According to eMarketer, the online grocery sales in the year 2020 grew by 54% and had a 12% share in the US eCommerce sales. The revenue of the online grocery sales is $95.82 billion which is expected to surpass $100 billion by the end of 2021.
  • The total global share of eCommerce sales is 21.8% as of now. (Statista)
  • Online apparel sales grew by nearly 16% in the 2020 pandemic. In 2019 the online apparel sales were 30.1% and in 2020 it was a whopping 46%. (Digital Commerce 360)
  • The coronavirus is affecting the e-pharmacy market as well. In the year 2021, the e-pharmacy sales were $49.43 billion, which is expected to rise to $107.5 billion by 2026. (MarketDataForecast)
  • In the year 2021, Digital buyers are going to share 27.2% of the world’s population which makes around 2.14 billion people. The eCommerce sales during the same year will have 18.1% of the share among the retail sales worldwide. (Oberlo)


The final call would be only one thing, the COVID did something good for someone at least. After reading the above statistics and information, we can say one only thing about how coronavirus is affecting eCommerce. That is - The corona has been very positive for the eCommerce sector and has boosted the economy with the help of it.

So, what’s your takeaway? When eCommerce is growing so rapidly, it is the right time to get your eCommerce store started. Also, when building an eCom store make sure you are doing it with the help of Shopify developers.

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