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Content Management System (CMS)


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Content Management System


Content Management System (CMS) design and development are one of the most affordable forms of website design without having any programming background.

The Gen-Z sensation is the creation of content online that has become the means of publishing and sharing information on the internet. Content Management System (CMS) design and development are one of the most affordable forms of website design without having any programming background. It also aims in modifying the audio, text, or images without website professional assistance. Stable internet connection and business requirements are the only go-to essentials for building potential content. Before understanding the “why” let us explore the “what” and have a basic understanding of the Content Management System (CMS).

A software program that consists of a set of tools and pieces of equipment snippets that polish the content before it is uploaded on the world wide web. Typically the Content Management System(CMS) is of two types namely: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Web Content Management (WCM).

Components of Content Management System(CMS):


  • Content Management Application (CMA) - GUI that allows creation, modification, and publication of content online irrespective of prior knowledge on frontend development languages.
  • Content Delivery Application (CDA) - It deals with the backend web development technologies framed in CMA.

Features that CMS offers:


  • User Management: It allows multiple users to work simultaneously and it also deals with the password management lifecycle i.e creation of roles and authorizations.
  • Theme System: The theme system deals with the look and feel of the website.UI/UX design is an integral part of this system.
  • Extending Plugins: Customisation and introduction of features and functionalities in the existing framework is the purpose of extended plugins.
  • Search Engine Optimization: To make your content and website as a whole visible on the search engine’s organic results page SEO is critical.
  • Media Management: Right from uploading the content on Social Media to making the content relevant to the target audience media management becomes significant.

Functionalities of standard CMS system:


  • Creation, Editing, modification, and publish of webpages 
  • Addition and Removal of sections available on the website
  • Modification of website design and structural changes 
  • Upload and update media documents

How does Content Management System(CMS) help you align with the business requirements?

CMS offers a reliable and the most scalable framework for your business or corporate website to be relevant to the target audience and successful. Business requirements and the website content define are the key factors whether the website or webpage stands out online or not. These are the backbone of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and SERP(Search Engine Results Page). The CMS also opts for a component-driven and modular approach as its primary focus is tailoring the business requirements with simplified design and development.

PHP and MySQL are open-source platforms that allow web designers in providing solutions that are relevant and in line with the business requirements. Content Management System(CMS) has a source code that’s available online with ample perks and no licensing costs.

Structural changes involve the below functionalities as making the websites and webpages responsive should be the final aim of website design and customization:

  • Multilingual - The websites if made multilingual can be interpreted globally and this is the means for the expansion of our audience.
  • User permissions - Security and authorization for authentic data is a must and being the prevention of security threats should always be implemented beforehand.
  • Version management - Being ahead of the curve is always an edge on the very websites published on the net. So version management handles quarterly releases and timely updates
  • UI/UX design - What visually impacts the audience the more chances are for sales conversions and business expansion.
  • Advanced analytics -Analytics help business owners track and study their website visitors and potential buyers to create new strategies in near future.

Wrapping it up!

We have understood the “what” and “why” aspects of the Content Management System (CMS). And now we are concluding this article with a note that CMS has become popular among website designers and developers because of the salient features and ample perks it offers. We have a team of expert professionals and architects that help you curate your website aligning your business goals. Hire our certified professionals to optimize your websites on popular search engines and attract visitors in turn having maximum sales conversions.

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