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Component-driven development for a scalable frontend


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Component Driven


Component-driven development is a modern modular approach that is responsible for the decomposition of frontend monoliths making it highly scalable.

The go-to strategy adopted by most of the IT gig techs to revolutionize the perception of frontend development, making it scalable, fast, flexible, and streamlined is component-driven development.

Most of the frontend monoliths get sluggish with time and enhanced features if added. Component-driven development is a modern modular approach that is responsible for the decomposition of frontend monoliths making it highly scalable.

Are you someone looking for assistance and support in component-driven development for frontend framework then this article best fits you.

Components: The frontend software development strategy integrates loosely coupled components to build applications with a goal of reusability in component-driven development. The building blocks in the modular front-end development approach without the need to rewrite code and UI/UX integrity are components. They are self-sufficient and connected via ports.

Component teams are best suited for many organizational structures. An organization’s communication structure is the mirror of systems proposed by Conway’s law. The purpose of the components team is to evolve the product without affecting the ecosystem as a whole. They are most used whilst dealing with legacy technology, establishing technical competence, and cyber security.

Practical insights in component-based development:


Making universally acceptable components is a crucial task that we developers have to follow. Because these components created are used across different platforms having a broader understanding of their usability purposes. It is always preferred to embed monolithic services as the functionalities are highly interdependent and the decomposition mechanism is quite easy.

Defining and setting guidelines for style, design, and language is a primary task that organizations nowadays lay down. Retaining flexibility and easy interaction of components is the separation of concerns principle have to offer. There are plenty of tools available in the market that take care of multiple functionalities throughout the development process.

Another design methodology inspired by Chemistry is Atomic design. The web pages are developed following the various design steps or stages like atoms, molecules, organisms, templates, and webpages. This component-based methodology is globally accepted.

Automation is the new trend and we millennials adore ease. Sticking on to a single responsibility and guidelines laid by the organization automate as many principles as possible.

Perks that component-driven based development:


There are tons of benefits that this approach has to offer to the audience.

Speedy development: Speed is one of the critical quests that web designers crave for and though taking up a new project is time-consuming. Implementing solutions based on the modules become the more time-effective digital solution of all times. Statistics say that component teams reported being 60% faster development strategy in web development.

Easy maintenance: The modular nature offer a cheaper and easy-to-maintain solution as it has minimal bugs.

Reusability: Code duplication and writing up similar code multiple times becomes a tedious process for many web developers. The interim solution to this is the usage of components or modules for software development.

Improved user experiences: Adoption of automation and the design-language system lends a UI consistency packed with better user experience to all the components created as they are in sync.

Conclusions : 

Irrespective of the challenges in web development such as code duplication and fixed structures. A new technological enhancement of using modules or separate components for ease and flexibility is the component-driven approach of web development.

In an end-to-end web development project,  top-notch development skills and expertise is essential. Hire web developers for structure development strategies with minimal bugs and serve your clients with interim digital solutions.

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