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Combining SEO and PPC - The Best Digital Marketing Strategy


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Combine SEO and PPC


SEO and PPC gel well together because as you have SEO you need not think about your expenditure on PPC.SEO is a time-consuming process that requires efforts in research and analysis.

Digital Marketing is a domain that is evolving every second across varied dimensions be it in terms of Social Media Marketing or PPC Advertising. Most of us are dubious about digital marketing as it seems to be a complex vertical of the many marketing strategies available. Ideally, it is next to impossible to focus on all the areas covered under digital marketing as a professional digital marketer. Many of the digital marketing channels directly impact the ROI (Return On Investment).PPC(Pay-Per-Click) Advertising is one of those marketing approaches if combined with SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) and in-depth keyword research can do wonders in online advertising. Whatever be the size or functional hierarchy in which your business operates it becomes a prerequisite to spend quality time understanding what should be a persistent and effective digital marketing strategy to meet customer expectations. Let us explore and understand how combining SEO and PPC is the best digital marketing strategy.

PPC Advertising -


A sophisticated yet very powerful digital marketing tool that makes money by clicking at the advertisements on the various digital marketing platforms is PPC Advertising. How does the payment of the PPC Ad happen? That completely depends on the budget of your firm and how much you are willing to pay for the ad keywords which decide the rank on the search engines. As opposed to PPC, the CPC(Cost Per Click) gradually decreases when the PPC Advertising campaign is successful. In addition, PPC is the most flexible among the very digital marketing strategies available in the digital marketing industry as it allows you to turn on or off PPC thereby increasing or decreasing the bid amount.

Applications of PPC in boosting direct marketing methodologies:


  • A/B split testing - >PPC helps in optimizing the landing pages and selecting the best one out of the two landing pages created. The one with the best layout, effective keywords, and CTA (Call-to-action) button should be approved for display.
    • Test the SEO keywords -> This testing requires in-depth understanding and research on SEO keywords before optimizing the SEO content on the websites.
  • Test the headlines and audiences - >The lessons on digital marketing are to be implemented on the headlines and they should be tweaked as per the latest trends abiding by the digital marketing standards and type of posts. Audiences across the globe do not have a thinking pattern that is alike.PPC can be the best medium to test geo-targeting and localization.

Difference between PPC and Adwords:


The difference between PPC and Adwords is that AdWords is specific to a particular search engine whereas PPC is common for all channels. Google Ads are dominant amongst the various PPC platforms for advertising or digital marketing.PPC is a means of payment for the count of clicks via other search engines. Whereas AdWords is one of the methods that make PPC happen.

Combining SEO and PPC:


SEO and PPC gel well together because as you have SEO you need not think about your expenditure on PPC.SEO makes your website more visible and PPC gives a kickstart for your business to happen.SEO is a time-consuming process that requires efforts in research and analysis. Plus SEO-rich content and embedding effective links can help you get the results. On the other hand, PPC can give you quick results. Statistics quote that almost more than half the audiences ignore paid PPC Ads and go with SEO or organic results. So combining SEO and PPC is the best digital marketing strategy to earn visibility and stand out on the internet.

Major Takeaways:

Wrapping up our thoughts and jotting down the advantages as well as the disadvantages that each digital marketing channel has to offer be it SEO or PPC. Later combining the two tactics we have ample advantages. Either of them aids your business, be it small or big, to attract website traffic and drastically increase the chance of creating an impact on the target audience in the long run. Hire our digital marketing team who have expertise in various dimensions such as SEO services, PPC Management, and Social Media Marketing. We claim to offer the best SEO services in the digital marketing industry that make your websites more visible on various potential marketing platforms. And our experiences in PPC Management will never upset you as we have real-time results in improvising lead generation and awesome ROI (Return On Investment).

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