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Cloud Firestore – Firebase that stores, sync, and query databases


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Cloud Firestore Firebase


Considering the advantages and disadvantages Google developed Cloud Firestore is an optimized database used in numerous user cases but it cannot be used in all situations.

Google the title speaks for itself, as it is ruling the technology market is a niche player. The globe quests for innovative digital advancements and expects a lot from this brand.

The Firebase was launched in 2011, for the design of mobile and web development applications. The various services supported by Firebase are hosting, authorization and authentication, data storage, database, data analytics, and many more. Let us focus on the firebase database colloquially known as cloud Firestore. Firebase offers two database solutions:

Real-time Database: Google developed database hosted by cloud helps to store and synchronize users on the real time scale

Cloud Firestore: The cloud firestore helps to store, sync, and query databases

Google-based Cloud Firestore supports mobile ad web development offline, irrespective of internet connectivity. It also integrates with various Google cloud platforms.

Salient features of Cloud Firestore:


  1. Offline Mode – It allows real-time access without network and cross-collaboration with various devices.
  2. Scalability – Performance that is query time doesn’t depend on the size of the database.
  3. Reduces Latency – Multi-regional replication helps to reduce any latency.
  4. Robust –The Firestore is designed for most of the design issues such as structuring, scaling, and querying.
  5. Serverless development - The main aim of Google is to make mobile and web developers access the cloud. Firebase supports serverless development. Without the requirement of authentication servers, we can integrate your app with your cloud database.
  6. Expressive querying - With the features of sorting and filtering we can read/write and fetch documents simultaneously. The Cloud Firestore allows the addition of multiple filters on queries. It also uses the concept of indexing for better performance. Cloud firestore supports composite as well as single field indexes. Whilst running query indexes are required to be created and it throws an error message with a link that aids the creation of the index. 

Data Structures:

Firestore uses Jason like structure to store a key and value pair. Both hierarchical and flexible data structures are supported by Cloud Firestore. The collection is the terminology used in Firestore to store all the documents.


Data types supported by firestore: string, number, Boolean, map, array, null, timestamp, geo point, and reference

Trigger Functions: For every action performed on the database, Cloud Firestore has various trigger functions which are enabled to create a handler and effectively administer the change. Below are the trigger functions enabled and supported by Cloud Firestore. · OnCreate: Create Document· OnUpdate: Update Document· OnDelete: Delete Document· OnWrite: General Document trigger There are a plethora of database options available in the technology market to choose from, then why Cloud Firestore proves to be a class above with its robust security and scalable features:

  • Pocket-friendly and economical database solution that charges fees only for the operations performed, network bandwidth, and storage
  • For transactions, it follows the concept of ACID: atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability
  • Live synchronization and support is advantageous in prototyping
  • Certain disaster management techniques make Cloud Firestore stand out in the technology market

There are limitations on querying databases that restrict the execution of complex queries:

Firebase only supports Android yet there are certain limitations of iOS· Costs are unpredictable· Real-time synchronization problems· Limited querying capabilities· Data migration issues· Lock-in vendors· Restricts boundaries where Google is not used 

Let’s wrap up:

Considering the advantages and disadvantages Google developed Cloud Firestore is an optimized database used in numerous user cases but it cannot be used in all situations. To overcome these limitations there are a few workaround solutions designed for effective results.

Hence, users can use Firestore with another database solution for web and application development implementations. Database structure selection and design is also a center of focus. For mobile application development solutions, Cloud Firebase is the best suitable solution.


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