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Challenges and Pitfalls To Avoid For Web Development


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Web Development


Web developers faced various challenges while developing a website. They are dealing with all the wants and needs for the new tool, technical problems, baggage from past projects, solution is work with good partner.

Let's be honest...technical projects are challenging tasks. Web development is a tedious process and many companies or entrepreneurs face lots of challenges. Also, it is very expensive and mistakes can worsen the cost. These mistakes can create extra expenses which affect the team's cost and energy.

With the rapid increase in the usage of smartphones and the internet, web development also improves significantly over the past few years. Still, there are common mistakes that web designers are making over and over again. It is of utmost importance to omit these mistakes to smooth the flow of the web development process.

Web developers faced various challenges while developing a website. They are dealing with all the wants and needs for the new tool, technical problems, baggage from past projects, sometimes multiple systems that all need to lay well together, and humans with thoughts and opinions and responsibilities. Phew, that's a lot.

The good news is that when you're working with a trusted partner like Redlio Designs you don't have to worry about anything. We know what works pretty well, what kinds of conversations need to occur and when, and how to anticipate risk with prudent planning and respond to it with pragmatism.

In this article, we will list up challenges that companies can come across during the web development process and how to avoid them.

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Challenges Faced During The Web Development Process

1. User Experience And User Interface


About a decade ago, the web was a completely different place. There were no smartphones. Sometimes even the small UI elements create the biggest impact. In the century of Smartphones, websites must be responsive enough on the smaller screens. If your web applications couldn't be understood by the users or confuse them, then it is difficult to maintain your customer's loyalty to your website.

Website navigation is also an important part that is often neglected by developers. Intuitive navigation creates the best user experience for website visitors. Intuitive navigation is guiding your audience to the information they want to know without a learning curve.

2. Sustaining In The Competitive Market


Not only in web development but in each field competition is increasing rapidly day-by-day. Sustaining in the competitive market is the biggest challenge for all web developers. There is no better way of dealing with this challenge than lining up yourself with the target audience, creating a user persona, understanding demographics and preferences. Once you understand the wants and needs of your market audience, you will be able to build a website that will quickly rise to the top.

Many people rush into web development with a stiff desire to attain a quick turnaround time. But this usually increases the expected cost of a project.

3. Speed And Performance


Slow loading time is the thing that no users like. And this will affect your business adversely. If your website is slow the users leave and close your website. It will affect your revenue and your reputation adversely. This is the harsh but true reality of web development issues today.

So, if you know that you're building a website with a lot of content like videos or animation, you should outline that upfront so your web developers can build a more robust website to ensure performance.

This kind of planning for the future will ensure your primary website launch can deliver the kind of speed and performance you want for your early, often-critical, users. It will also mean that your primary build will provide the foundation you need for future business growth.

4. Security


In the nub of design and user experience, web app security is often neglected by web developers. But security must be taken care of throughout the software development life cycle, especially when the website is dealing with important information such as payment details, contact information, and confidential data.

There are various things to consider when it comes to website security such as denial of service attacks, the safety of user data, database malfunctioning, unauthorized access to restricted parts of the website, etc. A few of the security threats are Cross-Site Scripting, Phishing, Cross-Site Request Forgery, Shell Injection, Session Hijacking, SQL Injection, Buffer Overflow, etc. The website must be carefully coded to be safe against these security concerns.

5. Balancing Themes And Simplicity


Users don't stick with the website which is complex and tough to understand. At the same, they want the most attractive web theme. So, it becomes a tough challenge for web developers to maintain the balance between themes and simplicity. Websites have made life tricky for developers, as they've increased user expectations. End-users now expect the level of simplicity along with the customizable attractive themes. If your website doesn't meet the user's expectations, they'll find another option.


Try to avoid the above challenges if you want your website to work well and rank on the top. Looking for the best web developer to hire? We have your back. With Redlio Designs, you can hire the industry's best web developer who will avoid all the challenges which will make your website robust and user friendly with 100% quality assurance and security. Contact us now!

Having any doubts or want to ask anything? Ask us in the comment section below.

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