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Comparative guide of Bootstrap VS React


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Bootstrap VS React


Choosing a front-end framework is rarely a straightforward task for Front-end developers after the client requirements are defined. The Tech Ninjas have to have an in-depth analysis on which Framework to prefer.

Choosing a front-end framework is rarely a straightforward task for Front-end developers after the client requirements are defined. The Tech Ninjas have to have an in-depth analysis on which Framework to prefer the one which is convenient while others keep company with the perks of the new technology and enhance skillset to create business growth and successively profit.
With the increasing popularity of Bootstrap, it's competing well with React and this text could be a comparative guide bootstrap vs react, the two popular frontend frameworks. Let us, deep-dive, into the whirlpool of Frontend frameworks and understand which framework most accurately fits your project. A comparative guide of Bootstrap VS React is here.

Usage Statistics

Market usage statistics of Bootstrap say the number of downloads pitched up to 03 million until March 2021. it's the second-highest traffic amongst the Front-end frameworks across the world. About 22% of the JAVAScript libraries based websites use Bootstrap.
Some interesting market usage insights of React JS are that almost 60% of the Frontend developers across the world use their most loved framework. There are 150K stars together with the continuously progressive community.


Some use cases of Bootstrap are the enlisted applications: social media applications, video streaming applications, e-commerce websites,content-based websites, geo-location applications,on-demand applications, payment applications, messaging service web apps, and responsive web applications.
On the other hand, React use cases are React Web apps, media sites, software as a service tool, mobile apps, Desktop Apps, Progressive Web Apps, JAMstack sites.

Trending Mobile Applications


  • Apple Maps Connect – MapKit JS which employs Bootstrap is employed for the creation of user interfaces.
  • Paypal – Bootstrap’s Pricing Sliders are used for payment.
  • Whatsapp – The Whatsapp computer program uses Bootstrap.
  • Vogue – the favored fashion magazine website is built using Bootstrap grid layout.


  • The BBC - The well-known news broadcaster mobile application.
  • Netflix - to resolve performance issues the Netflix uses React.
  • Facebook - It uses over 2000 ReactJS components.



  • Speed of development
  • Full-Featured
  • Maintained Codebase
  • Relatively small code footprint


  • Easy and simple to learn
  • It uses virtual DOM
  • Reusable components
  • Operates on a one-way data flow
  • SEO friendly



  • Learning Bootstrap is easy
  • It is just CSS
  • Customization of CSS is needed
  • Relatively large code footprint


  • JSX syntax
  • Fast development pace
  • Somewhat slow documentation

Performance Comparison

It becomes important for any mobile application development to consider the performance.
Frontend developers criticize the Bootstrap framework for the vast library and unutilized resources. These two technologies CSS and JAVAScript minimize the load on the downloading browser and also increases the efficiency while displaying. For high-loading websites, CDN (Content Delivery Network) is used.
The salient feature that React offers is that it doesn’t download the entire webpage rather than just a few changes loading the entire page. It offers seamless performance and an exceptional user experience.

Application Architecture

Choice of framework completely depends on the flexibility that it offers. Juxtaposing the two frameworks we strongly suggest taking application frameworks as guidelines for the design than standardizing them. 
Bootstrap uses VVC (View View Controller) logic alternatively, React doesn’t have any in-built architecture.

Authorizations and Security

One of the most secure applications to threats is Bootstrap. Comparatively React is more prone to threats and vulnerabilities. Server-side rendering, SQL injections, and XSS Vulnerabilities are a few of them.

Application size

An exhaustive Bootstrap application has 137KB of  JavaScript and a CSS file size. Application size in React is minified by 30% than the previous versions. Comparatively, React file sizes are bigger than Bootstrap ones.

Prerequisite technologies

  • Bootstrap : HTML , CSS , JAVA Script
  • React : HTML , JAVA Script

Bootstrap and React are close competitors each having its unique advantages and shortcomings. Let us consider the features and summarise. In case you are looking for integration and customization opportunities with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JAVAScript, hire our web developers. On the contrary for server-side rendering, code reusability and component framework choose React and hire our experienced React developers. Our team considers your business requirements and can give you better insights on this topic and help you choose the right framework for your development.

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