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7 Benefits of ReactJS: Reasons to Choose It For Your Project


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

ReactJs Developer


Whether you want to build a heavy web application or the simple one React JS is the best choice you can make. After considering the benefits it offers you would have realized why we were telling you to choose React JS.

We already know how the front-end ecosystem is changing and evolving with time. Gone are the times when there were only a few front-end tools. With the ever-changing scenario, the tools, frameworks, and libraries are being launched on a daily basis.

So, it is perfectly normal to get overwhelmed about which one to choose for your project. However, there’s a tool that launched a few years ago with the name ReactJS. It has earned a lot of fame and is also the best seller in the web development world.

I understand it isn’t that easy to decide the front-end development framework with just two lines. So, here in this article, Redlio Designs decided to explain in detail the front end React.js to give you a better understanding of the tool.

Did I mention anything about its benefits? Well, you already have gotten the idea about it from the Title itself. So yes, this article contains the benefits of ReactJS that will convince you to opt for React.js for front-end development.

Without much delay, we will move ahead with the benefits or you can say reasons to choose Reactjs for front-end development.

What is React JS?

React JS is a front-end development framework created by Jordan Walke and maintained by Facebook. It is a JavaScript library. React is used for building user interfaces for web applications.

After its launch in 2013, there has been a significant shift to React JS. Few of the well-known companies using react js are Netflix, Apple, and Paypal. Currently, around 9,695,386 websites are using React (BuiltWith).

It surely offers something special and unique that these many websites are opting for React leaving a few well-known front-end development frameworks like Angular.js, Laravel, Vue.js, etc.

With this, we will move ahead to the benefits of React JS.

What are the Key Benefits of ReactJS?

Apart from it being easy to learn, there are other advantages too in choosing React JS for the project. But, here we have covered the seven key benefits that are necessary for any front-end development project. Let’s have a look.

1. Helps Your Build Rich User Interface


Having a high-quality UI is a must in a web application. It helps in retaining and engaging the visitor or a customer on your web app. Hence, building an app with a rich user interface is necessary.

React JS will help you in building an app with User Interface that users will love to use through its declarative components. So, to avoid building an app with poor UI, ask for help from a react developer.

2. Facilitates Writing Custom Components


You read that React can help you build rich UI applications. But how? With its facility of writing custom components. React has the JSX (an optional syntax extension) and that allows you to write your own components.

The JSX accepts the HTML quoting making the rendering process easy and pleasant for developers. With the help of JSX, a react developer can build high-volume applications, custom-made components, and convert HTML mockups into ReactElement Trees.

Also, using React is easier for developers as it shows the errors and sends informative messages.

3. Boosts Productivity of React Developer


Do you know what is the one thing that lowers the productivity of a React developer? The frequent updates. These updates usually tend to disturb the complex logic of an app with a single modification.

Facebook understands the headache of a developer hence it has added the reusability function in the React JS. with the help of which, a developer can redeploy the same digital components.

For example, a react js developer can start with adding simple components like checkbox, fields, buttons, etc. to the wrapper components and move them to the root component. This will help the developer in maintaining the code. As each component in React has its internal logic, it is easy to manipulate them.

So, what do you say now? Won’t React JS boost the productivity of the react developer?

4. Ensures Fast Rendering


Building an app with high complexity requires structure defining at the very start as it can impact the performance of your application. The DOM model is tree-structured and a single change that will affect the entire UI of the application.

Facebook solved that issue too by introducing the virtual DOM model. With its help, a developer can test the changes in the virtual DOM model. It will show the errors and effects a single code will make and where.

So, a developer can make a decision accordingly. This benefit of React JS ensures a high-performance app with a rich UI.

5. SEO-Friendly


Running an online business needs an SEO-friendly application that will help you rank on Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The one factor that affects the most is the page speed.

The lower page loading time and faster rendering of objects will put you in Google’s preference section. In short, there will be higher chances of ranking on the first page. No matter how heavy your application is, React will read the JavaScript quickly and render the results faster.

6. Best Community Support


Using a front-end development framework does need strong community support. Even if you are an expert in your field, there will be times when a react developer will need the answers. The React JS users are continuously contributing to making React a better development framework.

You can easily find the free tutorial on how to use React JS or overcome any difficulty. Apart from all that, react experts are continuously answering the question on the official website to smoothen the developing process of a web application for a developer.

7. Proficient Data Binding


Last but not least is the data binding. This is one of the most loved and effective key benefits of React JS. Developing an app is a lengthy process, hence there will be few changes till the end.

React JS uses the downward flow to protect the parent structure from getting affected during the changes in the child structure. With React JS a developer can track the changes made even in the particular segment, which defines its simplicity.

Adding a little bit more to the React Js Advantages!

Above are the seven key benefits of using react js for the front-end development of web apps. Keeping those aside, there’s more to it.

React js comes with the developers’ toolkit to help them inspect and locate the child and parent components and understand the component hierarchies. The react js framework has two much-needed tools: React dev tools and Chrome dev tools.

One more thing, just like React JS is for web applications Facebook has developed React Native for Mobile applications.

Wrapping Up:

Reading the key benefits of React JS would have convinced you that it is one of the best front-end development frameworks to use. Angular and React JS has the similarity of giving high-quality output.

Let’s wrap up the article on a good note. Whether you want to build a heavy web application or the simple one React JS is the best choice you can make. After considering the benefits it offers you would have realized why we were telling you to choose React JS for your project.

Here at Redlio Designs, we have expert React developers who will help you in building the web app with a rich user interface making it SEO-friendly to generate more revenue.

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