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Behance - The Digital Portfolio


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Behance Portfolio


Behance is an Adobe-owned social media platform, Behance was a mere scrapbook but with time and advancements, it has embedded a pile of creative tools and listings.

As GitHub is for a coding expert so is Behance for professionals in the creative field. That’s the reason photographers, graphic designers, and copywriters display a snapshot of their talent online or in digital portfolios. Adobe-owned social media platform, Behance was a mere scrapbook but with time and advancements, it has embedded a pile of creative tools and listings.

The primary focus of Behance is to break the bridge between the client base and artists. This social media platform also encourages artists to encourage and appreciate their talents sharing their views and feedback on the artwork shared.

Are you a creative artist and still you haven’t created your digital portfolio? Then Behance is the right platform and a go-to place to showcase your work. Out of the many platforms available why choose Behance. Let us discuss the various advantages and disadvantages that Behance has to offer.

Behance Interface:


A Pinterest-like bulletin board having an impressive and user-friendly interface helping users or professionals without prior coding background to create digital profiles. There are these sections available in Behance namely Projects, Images, Prototypes, People, and Moodboards.

Advantages of using Behance:


  • A well-established platform for professionals to portray digital work
  • User-friendly interface
  • Freemium

Disadvantages of using Behance:


  • It at times becomes monotonous because of the simplistic design
  • Compression of files becomes mandatory while uploading creative work online
  • The ‘like’ and ‘number of views’ is a hindrance as they might create a negative impression on the client base 

While creating a digital portfolio on Behance below are the phases that it goes through:

  • Layout: The initial and most critical stage of designing a digital portfolio is the layout. Also, Behance gives the professionals the flexibility to drag and drop the various projects and images in various folders.
  • Customization: Customization is the secretive key that makes your website stand out amongst all the available websites on Behance. There is a wide range of design elements and style buttons that professionals can scroll down. On clicking and selecting that particular element a window pops up helping users to instruct on further steps to follow.
  • Pages: Adding pages (gallery pages, link pages, and custom pages) is always a plus on a digital profile. The digital profile web designers segregate and sort the projects on the basis of Subject and Client.
  1. Link Page - Link pages help viewers and clients to control navigation on your curated website. This gives the basis for the client community to redirect on the path which you want them to click on.
  2. Custom Page - On selecting a blank page, Behance has a dropdown called ‘Edit Page Content’where you can add various images and content customizing according to your choice.
  • Publication: Once you are happy with the look and feel of your website design of the digital portfolio publish it online. The decision on the cover image is important as it gives a clear idea of what your project is. And your website is published online

Let us wrap up!

On discussing the various pros and cons of Behance. Behance is a self-promotion social media platform that requires in-depth research on the presentation and Hire UI/UX Designer Designer of digital work. Hope we have done justice in making you realize the impact of an impressive digital portfolio and its significance. If time and resources are stopping you showcase your work online on Behance then we have a team of expertsthat will help you build a digital profile. Also if you a looking for a short-term gig then Behance can do wonders in that case either. We are always happy to help you.

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