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Primary points to be considered for app design and development


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Mobile App Design


The success story of any mobile app completely depends on how the users’ perspective about the mobile app is designed.UI/UX design has a significant role to play to gain maximum user experience for any mobile app.

UI/UX design has a significant role to play to gain maximum user experience for any mobile app. The success story of any mobile app completely depends on how the users’ perspective about the mobile app is designed.

The standards are to be set such that it distinguishes between a mobile user and a UI/UX design developer. The fun fact is that a few primary key points that are to be considered while designing a mobile app and making them look real.

Adopting and adapting to a mobile design mindset should be an integral part of any UI/UX design. Certain particulars need to be abandoned and that makes your UI/UX design stand out and a perfect fit for the digital era.

app design and development primary points - web design and development


The baseline for any UI/UX design must be clear by its name, description, and aesthetics. The facet of the mobile app should focus on a defined goal. Each facet the app comprises must be appealing to the user community serving the purpose of the UI/UX design.

On achieving this primary goal you will easily follow the set of steps aligned further. If the audience doesn’t find your mobile app or the UI/UX design an appealing one, the user response rate curve will be diminishing drastically. Let’s take an example of a shopping mobile app; the in-app purchases completely depend on the UI/UX design of the shopping app rather than the products it offers. Thinking and understanding the mobile app design from users’ point of view is critical and essential for business expansion. [Mobile App Download and Usage Statistics (2021)]


Usage convenience to the users should always be a focal point while developing mobile apps. Best practices suggest that a top-class UI/UX design keeps the user engagement and creates an impressive user experience. Facets of mobile apps might at times lead to user frustration due to complex procedures and multiple clicks.

The icons, buttons, and other key elements should be appealing visually and clearly visible to the user. Selecting an appropriate navigation model for integration is necessary.


In the digital era, mobile devices are used more frequently than larger devices. The guidelines for a mobile app development cycle should be followed while designing UI/UX for your app. At times it becomes a monotonous or tedious task for the user to view the essential content due to not up to mark UI/UX design. The user doesn’t have the patience and time to filter out the unnecessary or unwanted content available on your app. If your mobile app can’t handle load, process, and display the precise data then it will negatively impact the usage rates.


The standards for the text, buttons, and other key elements that you include within your mobile app must be clearly defined and limited to the human visual parameters such as people’s vision, dexterity, and finger size, and so on. When the pliability of the users is compromised the UI/UX design fails there itself. The tiny link or buttons creates visual stress and in turn a bad user experience. [Dimensions and Resolution standards for mobile app design]


Understand your audience and focus on the devices that your app is to be installed and integrated with UI (User Interface). Consider the below points while integrating your mobile app design:

  • Since the target audience isn’t conscious of gestures at the time of clicking and swiping, highlighting the invisible gestures could smartly drive users’ attention and leave an impact on their minds
  • Automation is the safest option to go for as smartphones have the limitation of multiple dissimilarities of keyboards
  • The default orientation for most of the apps is Portrait and Landscape is the orientation used for typing hence as a UI/UX designer it’s essential to consider the orientation while designing the mobile app
  • The focus while designing UI/UX design for any mobile app should be such that it is compatible with different platforms. Flexibility should be the key point taken into consideration while developing a platform-independent app.


Quality assurance is all about testing the UI/UX design of the mobile app. To make sure there are no bugs, features performing as expected, and get compiled without any errors are the essentials while performing UAT (User Acceptance Testing). Remote testing and user testing are the two quality tests performed.

Final Verdict:

In the digital era where mobile app trends are continuously evolving and emerging the UI/UX designs should be such that they are visually appealing and excite the audience to download the mobile app. If you strategize and aim at the UI/UX design there are maximum chances for the app to be engaging. This will encourage the audience to revisit and pay back your efforts invested. We are a team of professional mobile app designers or developers that can ace UI/UX design.

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