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Angular JS tools for Web Developers


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Angular JS Web Developers


Web developers not only aim at the resources loaded onto the designed web page but also offer user-friendly web page insights. AngularJS is a niche player in its domain because of its flexibility and efficiency.

Web Development was never a cakewalk, it's a challenging task. The primary focus of web development is not always web design rather it is touch-base on the optimal coding implementation techniques. Web developers not only aim at the resources loaded onto the designed web page but also offer user-friendly web page insights. Profiling and Auditing are the pillars of web development as they are checkpoints to test the performance and responsiveness of web applications. Keeping the business requirements in mind every web developer has to choose a particular framework that best fits the project undertaken. The decision of the backbone framework decides the costing, performance, and compatibilities of the web development.

AngularJS offers a formal structural pattern. In addition to this, features like web application synthesizing and HTML5 extensions make AngularJS suitable for the development and design of web applications. Angular JS also minimizes the impedance mismatch between static and dynamic web applications. AngularJS is a niche player in its domain because of its flexibility and efficiency.

Let us discuss the Angular JS tools for web developers and below are the most popular ones. This article aims to help web developers get broader insights on which Angular JS tools to prefer and should definitely give a try for their undertaken web development projects or assignments.


  • Karma: The very popular AngularJS testing tool among web developers. Karma supports various types of testing E2E, unit, and midway testing. It is an amalgamation of an open-source platform with continuous integration. Karma helps the web developer community to test in a real environment i.e. real mobile phones and real browsers.
  • Protractor: Another Angular JS end-to-end testing framework is Protractor. This is built upon WebDriver JS. The salient feature that Protractor has is automatic waiting.
  • Jasmine: Jasmine is a behavior testing AngularJS framework. It automatically detects and monitors the Javascript-based code snippets. Jasmine is an excellent Angular JS tool for spying on fake calls and is used in TDD. Statistics say that 213 firms use Jasmine as an Angular JS testing tool.
  • Djangular: Hassle-free web application development with world-class integration are few perks that the Djangular AngularJS tool has to offer to the web developers. It supports a component-driven development approach and offers namespacing.
  • AngularFire: AngularFire is an Angular JS tool that creates a perfect backend environment for the creation of web applications. It is a flexible framework that has three-way data binding (synchronized real-time binding) and in-built rapid development capabilities. Angular Fire also supports the automatic storage of data.
  • Mocha.js: Mocha.js is for web developers who wish for versatility in testing on cross-platforms be it browser or framework. It runs on node.js and is highly accurate in terms of mapping as it supports asynchronous testing.
  • is a distinct choice amongst all the available AngularJS tools as it deals with macros and macros. With no dependency on jquery strings, accepts text as inputs to any element.
  • Webstorm: An intelligent AngularJS tool providing an online IDE that supports a range of languages from HTML, CSS, Javascript, and whatnot. Webstorm works on the latest methodologies and technologies and hence proves to be a predominant Angular JS tool. Easy and smooth debugging along with GitHub support makes it a tough contender amongst the top-notch AngularJS tools.
  • SublimeText: SublimeText is the most effective solution if web developers are looking for code text editors. For the majority of the coding community, coding seems to be a tiresome and tedious process, so this Angular JS tool is the best alternative.
  • Videogular: This uses the video capabilities of HTML5 and caters to the video requirements to be implemented in the web application design.
  • Angular UI: With the integration of Bootstrap the Angular UI offers both speed and performance.

Conclusions and major takeaways :

As a beginner in AngularJS, it might take some time for you to adapt to this framework. But the Angular JS tools for web developers suggested in this article will aid the smooth transition and would act as an interim solution in web development. Hire our Angular JS experts as they can better guide you on this pathway of web development and usage of the discussed AngularJS tools.

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