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Advanced Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Advanced Shiping Plugins


The most integral part of any WooCommerce store or e-commerce business is shipping. Shipping directly influences the customer satisfaction rate and indirectly the sales conversions of the firm.

The most integral part of any WooCommerce store or e-commerce business is shipping. Shipping directly influences the customer satisfaction rate and indirectly the sales conversions of the firm. Based on the shipping or carrier services offered to the consumers the buying or the purchasing decisions are decided. Potentially there are two main challenges that are technical and logistics setbacks faced when it comes to WooCommerce.Fortunately, with the help of additional inbuilt advanced shipping plugins and extensions available for WooCommerce shipments are more systematic as well as hassle-free.

It becomes a critical and essential step to analyze the features of the advanced Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce before you decide which one is the best in the WooCommerce market that needs to be installed.

A few features to look for in any shipping plugin for WooCommerce:


Features or factors that are necessary to be considered before choosing or selecting any advanced shipping plugins for WooCommerce.Though all the shipping plugins have features that overlap with each other but three mandatory qualities that are required in any shipping plugin are mentioned as follows.

    • Flexible development - The paradigm shift to online stores requires monitoring at regular intervals as it has physical products kept to sell. Shipping or carrier services make or break the impression of any WooCommerce online business. Having a flexible shipping solution is a must because delivery changes or rate charts depend on the various dimensions of the physical products to be shipped to the consumer’s destination.
  • Supports logistics - Catering to all buyers’ needs makes the consumers heard by considering the business requirements mentioned beforehand. The top-notch shipping plugin supports both international as well as domestic shipment options.WooCommerce shipping plugins must be efficient enough to handle logistics overseas with the same ease irrespective of the geographical locations.
  • Helps trace shipment process - The shipping process is one of the important means by which WooCommerce stores can build a reputation and create an everlasting impression of trust on the consumers. The capability to track and record the progress of the shipment process takes the WooCommerce stand out and go long way in the e-commerce industry.

Let us explore together the various WooCommerce shipping plugins and understand the predominant features that it has to offer.

WooCommerce ShipStation Gateway -

A very popular advanced shipping plugin for online WooCommerce stores that is free of cost helping integrate ShipStation service.This aids online store sellers with extensive management of orders.


  • Ease and best suites custom web development

  • Useful for import orders be it batch labeling or interacting with the consumer community
  • Compatible and responsive features

ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label -


USPS (United States Postal Service) WooCommerce shipping plugin has powerful features that optimize the shipment process. This plugin enhances customer experience bringing a sense of transparency and also it defines the shipping rate chart.


  • Live shipping rate assistance to customers 
  • USPS shipment tracking features
  • It has a contingency mechanism when the API(Application Programming Interface) stops for a moment and does not return delivery rates live

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping -


This shipping plugin for WooCommerce costs 18 dollars is available on CodeCanyon.WooCommerce Advanced Shipping plugin offers a free WordPress plugin repository. Also, it helps the online WooCommerce store owners to curate shipping methods and conditions as per their requirements.


  • No coding skill set is a mandatory prerequisite
  • Unlimited shipping methods

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin -


To create and customize shipping rules we have an amazing advanced shipping plugin for WooCommerce called WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin. It has a classic and intuitive user interface that enables a table rate shipping plugin.


  • Tax based shipping rates revision is provided
  • Extra charges if applicable are added on certain orders
  • Multiple tier shipping rates can be set up

Table Rate for WooCommerce -


Depending on the weight and dimensions of the product costs will be shipping rules and methods are set accordingly. The price of the Table Rate for the WooCommerce plugin is just 99 dollars.


  • CSV import is possible
  • Shipping methods for customers
  • On cart addition of weights simultaneously

Major takeaways from the article on various Advanced Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce:

Running through this article we are at a conclusive point that proper analysis and detailed understanding of various advanced shipping plugins for WooCommerce.Juxtaposing the plugins available in the WooCommerce market being a business owner one can decide on which shipping plugin to go for. Because the choice of shipping plugins for WooCommerce will impact customer satisfaction. This also decides the smooth and effective functioning of the logistics or shipment of any e-business. We are a WooCommerce development company that helps e-businesses in configuring and setting up WooCommerce stores. Our team of technical experts believes in developing WooCommerce based digital solutions that are robust and scalable. Furthermore, we imbibe SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies and go for a quality-driven approach.

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