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22 Nov

WordPress dominates the CMS(Content Management System) market

Wordpress Woocommerce

For more than a decade WordPress has dominated the CMS(Content Management System) market. There are technological advancements happening each day in the Information technology industry yet statistics have proven that no other service platform has come closer to WordPress and tried beating it. Almost 4 out of the 10 websites across the globe use WordPress that is 40% of the websites use WordPress to be more simplified. And if we look for content-loaded websites the number of applications of WordPress goes even higher. Renowned websites Walt Disney Company and the New York Times also make use of WordPress.Let us explore the potential facts and reasons why  WordPress dominates the

19 Nov

What makes PHP Development Services the best fit for enterprises?

Web Development PHP

Information Technology does not seem to be exciting anymore it has become a new normal post the COVID-19 outbreak. Advancements in this industry are at a rapid speed and dimensions of it are ever-changing. Be it understanding the business requirements and tailoring websites the genuine question that every web developer has is which technology to go for. At the end of the day, the clients’ or businesses’ arena of focus is the performance irrespective of the technology stack you choose. The golden rule that website design and web developers suggest is to partner with the PHP development company. Statistics and analysis say that around 75 to 80 percent of the websites are developed using PHP. Moreover,

17 Nov

Why choose PHP for Web Development?

Web Development PHP

The technology enhancements in the Information Technology sector are changing faster than the speed of light. Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for web development is growing at a rapid pace. The online presence of businesses is increasing and they are compelling the target audience to decide on what product or service to avail at their comfort sitting at home. Small to big businesses irrespective of the size and hierarchy they function in are paying close attention to the website design and development. Though there is a myriad of multifarious programming languages which one is best suited for web development is a serious question. The article is for understanding the purpose of why choose PHP for web

15 Nov

Headless WordPress With ReactJS

Wordpress React JS

WordPress has become a star player in CMS (Content Management System) which is an open-source free platform built using PHP frameworks. It finds its applications in many web applications on the Internet. Codeless functionality is one of the essential perks offered by WordPress which helps the non-technical developer community to develop web applications without having prior coding knowledge. The two main components of a WordPress webpage are the backend and frontend. The frontend is what is visible to the target audience and the backend deals with storage and database management. Let us explore together through this article what exactly is headless WordPress with ReactJS.

12 Nov

What are front-end frameworks solutions or bloated problems?

React JS AngularJs NodeJs

Any digital transformation developed by a front-end developer could either be an innovation or a hassle. Though the transformation may prove to be a setback yet it is of utmost importance in the developer’s life. Web development is ever-changing and so are the approaches or methodologies of design adopted by the developer community. The traditional method of front-end web development was limited to a very few steps. Coding lines of code on a notepad, testing it on the web browser, and easy deployment on FTP folders. Keeping the latest

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