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15 Dec

Things to Know before Starting Website Development Project

Wordpress Web Development

It is a challenging and tedious task if you are working for the first time with a WordPress developer.WordPress website development projects are preferred over custom web development because it has a range of advantages that it has to offer.WordPress is a leading platform that brings business requirements into reality. It seems to be a cost-effective solution that adds value to most of the websites developed across the globe. This article has guidelines and things you need to know before starting with your website development project. Define your area of interest or niche:

13 Dec

Adverse effects of COVID19 pandemic on the IT industry

covid 19

The outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic has had drastic effects on the global economy and slowed down its pace. The adversities had burnt many industries debarring their revenues and work.COVID19 virus is often referred to as the Chinese virus as it originated from Wuhan, China. The effects are more on the negative side than the positives concerning the IT industry. As a preventative measure to take control of this virus the government had declared a lockdown and industries went on halt for a few months. This article illustrates the adverse effects of the COVID19 pandemic on the IT industry. Let us explore this topic together and also discuss the various aspects relevant to it

10 Dec

Five stages of Design Thinking

Website Design

A non-linear iterative approach having problem-solving capabilities adopted by web application development and design companies are termed design thinking. Design thinking methodology is proven to be the best approach to overcome hiccups or problems that are undefined or unknown while developing web applications. It helps in the implementation of meaningful solutions and ideas to resolve problems. This unique process of design thinking can be used repetitively to identify opportunities in problem-solving and it seems to be a human-centered approach as it supports innovation. There are a couple of stages or iterations involved in design thinking be it identifying the potential problem, analyzing, brainstorming, and creating

08 Dec

Does Quality or Quantity of Content serve the purpose?

SEO Digital Marketing

Content and business strategies go hand in hand. Talking about the content strategy you have to decide whether to opt for publishing quality content posts or posting multiple content articles frequently. The analysis says that content quality wins over content quantity for the most successful websites available on the internet. In general, publishers should always find a midway and maintain a correct balance of content quality as well as quantity when it comes to the digital industry. Although the ratio of content quality and quantity varies from article to article. The initial stage should always be on specifying the niche and thinking about does Quality or Quantity of Content serves the purpose? We will compare the technical

06 Dec

Benefits of an ideal Software Development Team Structure

Web Development

Ineffective team structures are the major reason for worry hence it is essential to have a well-planned team for the projects undertaken. The Software Development Team must be well-structured for the accomplishment of the project. The roles, responsibilities, and functions of each team member should be clearly defined at the start of any project. This helps the team to work in cohesion with minimal friction amongst them. To achieve business goals in an effective manner it is necessary for the team to have healthy communication and aesthetics of teamwork. Let us understand in detail what are the benefits of an ideal Software Development Team Structure. Parameters on which the number of teammates and structure is defined:

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