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27 Dec

Focus Areas To Speed Up Your WooCommerce Store

Woocommerce Web Development

The important factor for survival and to become a niche player in the digital era is performance accompanied by flexibility. For WooCommerce Store speed are the deciding factor for your lead generation and sales conversions. Studies and research say that there was a negative drift across the globe around 50 to 60 percent in the number of site visitors due to the slowness of websites.  The rates for abandonment of websites due to a mere delay of one or two seconds were astonishing. For just a one-second delay it was observed that the sales conversions went down by seven percent whereas for two seconds of delay the abandonment rates went up to 87 percent. The abandonment ra

24 Dec

How are SVG Animations approached in CSS?

Web Development

Animations are nothing but motion pictures that make the websites more vibrant improvising user experience. What plagued the web designs initially were the flashy and at times a  bit irritating GIFs. But with time animations changed the dimensions of web designing and has become a mandatory practice to include animations for better usability. Including animations in SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics) using CSS makes the UI/UX design more sober and tasteful. Also, using SVG and CSS you need not rely on external libraries. This article is a guided step-by-step tutorial to help you understand How are SVG Animations approached in CSS for practical implementations. What is SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics)?

22 Dec

8 Relevant Questions To Ask A WordPress Developer

Wordpress Web Development

WordPress is a leading service platform for website development these days. The WordPress developers and business owners find WordPress as an easy methodology for website development. The in-built features of Themes and Plugins make WordPress famous for Top-notch website development. Once you have decided to curate a website for your company either as a  WordPress-developed website or through custom web development. Enlist in clear terms the business and functional specifications. The second predominant task that prevails in the mind of the business owner is to hire an adept WordPress professional. Although, profile screening and hiring WordPress seems to be a tiresome activity.  Here is an article that has the top 8 Relevant Questi

20 Dec

The Second Most Significant Page on Your Website - About us

Web Development

The “About Us” page seems to be the least important for most of us. But statistics quote that it is one of the significant and most visited pages by your visitors or target audience. The “About Us” page has the potential to build the first impression of your business and the work you do. In addition to this, it also builds a sense of loyalty and trust in your visitors. A well-crafted “About Page” draws the attention of your audience and in turn, generates leads. It also helps you seal the deal and let us find out the reasons why The Second Most Significant Page on Your Website - "About Us" through this article. Things to add to the &

17 Dec

Various Shipping Options for your eCommerce business

Woocommerce eCommerce

Logistics is a critical aspect of any business. When it comes to eCommerce businesses shipping has a predominant role to play as it is the deciding factor to build an excellent customer base. Though picking up the products from the eCommerce store and dispatching it to the destined customers is a task in itself. Out of the various Shipping Options for your eCommerce business choosing the right option to ship your products is a bit challenging. A software that is easy to operate, simple to use, and can track shipment orders in an efficient manner is a requirement for any eCommerce business for the smooth delivery of products.  On-time delivery of products to the customers i

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