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07 Jan

React Components Make UI Testing Easy

Web Development React JS

Backend testing is quite easy but it is the opposite when it comes to front-end code testing that is difficult.ReactJS is popular among web developers and what runs your test cases is the continuous integration service.ReactJS uses JSX that has a unique HTML syntax rendering specific components. Test-Driven Development (TDD) seems to be a weird choice but what makes backend testing easy is a predictable environment and continuous integration support with multiple test runners. With the evolution of backends adopting database servers and implementation of frontend MVC (Model-View-Controller). We test the complex codes on web browsers and the

05 Jan

PPC Ads Platforms That Can Increase Your Ads Reach

Digital Marketing PPC

With digital evolution, the PPC Ads Platforms have flourished in recent years and proven to be a prominent digital marketing strategy. It is an overwhelming task to decide on which Pay Per Click Ads Platform to go for amongst the renowned PPC Ads Platforms as per the digital marketing budget. PPC is no doubt the best digital marketing strategy to monetize a user base. Let us look at the best PPC Ads Platforms that can increase your Ads reach. Out of the many, the five biggest PPC Ads Platforms are: Google Ads - The king of online advertising platforms is Google.Google Ads dominate Search Engine

03 Jan

Pay Per Click Advertising

Digital Marketing PPC

None of us can ignore the advertisements on the various search engines or beside the search results. We all are aware of PPC Management or Pay Per Click Advertising as it is a prominent online advertising model that has per click pay to the user on clicking the advertisements available. Are you a business online who is planning to run a digital store and have dilemmas whether this digital marketing strategy is good or bad for your business in terms of returns on investment? Then you are at the right place as through this article we will understand the fundamentals of Pay Per Click Advertising and the basic process through which the PPC advertisements undergo. Also, we will comment on whether PPC Advertising is a good or a

31 Dec

Essential skills to become a good PHP developer

web developer Custom Web

Web development framework with a bundle of advantages be it in terms of extendibility, integration to various servers and databases with minimal maintenance costs.PHP is renowned amongst the passionate web developers and has become a niche player of this generation. It does not just have a plethora of perks offered to web developers alone but it has exceptional performance as well as reliability. With digital transformation the quest for responsive and technically advanced websites is ever increasing.No business requirements would ask you to build static web pages. Here PHP is a savior as it helps cater to business requirements in the most efficient manner. Let us now understand what should be the essential skills to become a good PHP deve

29 Dec

Learning Management System (LMS) - Why do we need it?

Web Development

Post-COVID-19 outbreak the world has become online be it in terms of business or training. Being in an era of Gen-Z that is popular for its competitive culture, training is a medium to stay ahead of the crowd. Organizations grow when their employees hone the relevant skills to make and expand the business. Hence training employees becomes not just a want but a need. Learning Management System (LMS) is a reformation of traditional classroom learning or on-the-job rotational learning. The emphasis on e-learning using a fully automated learning software called

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