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5 Proven Ways to Build a Mobile-Friendly eCommerce Website!


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By Mayursinh Jadeja

Mobile-Friendly eCommerce Website


Having a mobile-friendly eCommerce website is necessary if you want to rank higher on Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page).An ideal mobile-friendly eCommerce website allows users or shoppers to navigate through web.

Having a mobile-friendly eCommerce website is necessary if you want to rank higher on Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Yes! The truth has been revealed.

Welcome to another article that will help you out in setting up a mobile-friendly eCommerce website. In our recent articles, we have discovered about the eCommerce industry like, where it is heading, then how COVID is affecting eCommerce.

So, your decision of checking out the tips to make your eCommerce store mobile-friendly is really a great move. But before we move ahead let’s understand what is a mobile-friendly eCommerce site?

What is a Mobile-Friendly eCommerce Site?

A mobile-friendly eCommerce site is a website that can easily load and run on the smartphone display.

An eCommerce site that allows users to browse through and make purchases through the smartphone is a mobile-friendly eCommerce site or store.

An ideal mobile-friendly eCommerce site allows users or shoppers to navigate through the website easily without any glitch or loading time. The major key factor is the speed, the faster the loading speed the more perks your website will have.

Why? As per Google’s new research, 53% of the people tend to leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, do you want your customers to visit someone else? No one would want that.

Hence, to help you with the situation, here are a few tips to make your eCommerce store mobile-friendly.

How to make eCommerce Website Mobile-Friendly?

Well, many factors will help you with it, but here we have mentioned the top 5 necessities or must-haves for your eCommerce site.

1. Look out for the page load speed

mobile friendly ecommerce store look out for the page load speed - eCommerce

You already read about the importance of page loading speed. And because of the slower page loading speed, many businesses have made losses and lost a potential customer. The website that is loading fast on a laptop or desktop won’t necessarily load faster on a mobile screen too!

Yes, that’s true. The mobile screen is smaller than PCs and laptops, also the network connection can be slower too. so, there are high chances that the page will take time to load. You can ask an expert to help you with speed optimization.

If you have a Shopify-built eCommerce site contact a Shopify developer or an expert for page speed optimization.

2. Make sure your website is responsive

mobile friendly ecommerce store make sure your website is responsive - eCommerce  Store!

Having a responsive website will eliminate the headache of increasing page speed as well. Why? The responsive website design means it can be viewed and interacted with on any device be it a smartphone, tablet, or PC. 

When the website is first created it is ideal for the desktop or laptop screen. However, if it is created with a responsive design, the website will automatically adjust itself on the smaller display and will run smoothly.

You can either get the responsive web design developed or opt for the themes that are responsive in nature. There are plenty of them!

3. High-quality images and proper descriptions

mobile friendly ecommerce store high quality images and proper descriptions - Mobile-Friendly

This factor is the basics of an eCommerce store. Your eCommerce site should display everything clearly from photos, their descriptions, color options, to the shipping charges. If you have free shipping above a certain amount of bill, mention it.

Also, highlight your CTAs (Call-to-action). You can also add a pop-up on the screen showing the check-out button. So, if a shopper wants to move to the check-out process, he will be there with a click, and if not he can continue shopping.

This won’t only make the process smooth and easy, but will also reduce the number of steps to move to the checkout process. Follow the “Three Tap Rule.” A three-tap rule is specified by the web designers to find any desired information or the product within three clicks only.

After a customer searches for its specified product, the checkout should be in three clicks.

Tap 1: Selecting the Product from the list or category.

Tap 2: Selecting size, color, or other specifications.

Tap 3: Buy Now. Check-out process.

The three-tap rule on the website makes the process smooth for the customer and wider categories will be easier to browse.

4. Smooth check out process

mobile friendly ecommerce store smooth check out process - eCommerce Site?

Do you know a lengthy check-out process can lose you a customer? Yes, around 23% of shoppers abandon the products in the cart as they have to face lengthy checkout procedures. Instead of creating an account by filling a form, you can provide an option of logging in with the Google, Apple, or Facebook account.

Another important point is the payment methods and gateways. Does your business provide various payment methods? If not, you are doing it wrong. Provide payment gateways like Apple pay, Google pay, accept Debit cards, and other digital wallet options.

This way the chances of missing a customer will go down, and you will have a successfully running mobile-friendly eCommerce website.

5. Integrate social media and your eCommerce site

mobile friendly ecommerce store integrate social media and your eCommerce store - social media your eCommerce

Last but not least is about integrating the social media marketing with your eCommerce stores. Social media was and has always been popular and beneficial for online selling. How? Most people spend their time on social media.

Leverage the beauty of that by integrating your eCom store with Pinterest and Instagram. These are two famous social media platforms for online selling. Pinterest has Rich Pins and Buyable Pins that allow users to see the product on your website and make a purchase.

The same is with Instagram, with the help of shoppable posts a customer can click and reach the product’s page to make the purchase. Keep the track of the visitors from social media platforms to offer discounts and promotions.


Understood why mobile optimization is important for e-commerce stores? That’s good. Gone are the days when people used to browse on desktop or laptop screens. Today, browsing has become scrolling on the horizontal screens of smartphones.

And as technology rises, the ratio of mobile users will go higher and higher. Make yourself ready for that time. It is still not too late to make your eCommerce site mobile-friendly. Hire Shopify developer for Shopify-built eCom store, and explore our more services.

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