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19 Jan

Combining SEO and PPC - The Best Digital Marketing Strategy


Digital Marketing is a domain that is evolving every second across varied dimensions be it in terms of Social Media Marketing or PPC Advertising. Most of us are dubious about digital marketing as it seems to be a complex vertical of the many marketing strategies available. Ideally, it is next to impossible to focus on all the areas covered under digital marketing as a professional digital marketer. Many of the digital marketing channels directly impact the ROI (Return On Investment).PPC(Pay-Per-Click) Advertising is one of those marketing approaches if combined with SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) and in-depth keyword research can do wonders in online adverti

17 Jan

React Migration And How It Boosts Performance

Web Development React JS

Are you aware of how the migration happens for the front-end using React? In addition to this, we should not compromise on the salient parameters that are performance, responsiveness, and SEO(Search Engine Optimisation). Nowadays it has become a mandatory step to include digital marketing aspects when developing a website or application for your online business. Any business owner would primarily focus on visually amazing UI(User Interface), and loading speed. The inclination towards React which is a predominant JS framework is increasing with time. Be it one-way data binding or user-friendliness React stands out by all means. Let us understand why there is a paradigm change where people are moving towards React Migra

14 Jan

11 Reasons Why PHP Is Vital for Web Development

Web Development PHP

A backend programming language that is trending in the web development industry and has become famous among web developers is PHP. It is a server-side programming language. And when given a choice to web developers on which programming language to opt for when it comes to website development services then PHP is the first choice. Hypertext Preprocessor abbreviated as PHP has a wide range of components for web development. Around 80 to 85 percent of websites are developed using this programming language and it is safe to say that PHP is vital for web development. Pocket-friendly and endorsed by technology giants like Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia PHP is dominating the web development industry. Let us deep dive and enlist 11 reasons why PHP is

12 Jan

React VS React Native

React Native React JS

The terminologies React and React Native may sound the same but they are not. This might confuse most of us as React and React Native are the prominent web application development technologies. Someone from a non-coding background would be in a notion that React Native is an extension of React but it's not true. Amateur web developers may also assume that the two technologies are the same or interrelated to each other. Let us figure out what exactly these web development technologies are and what differentiates them through this blog. React and React Native are technologies endorsed by Facebook and both are JS-based frameworks. With reusable React components nat

10 Jan

Difference between Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Click (CPC)

Digital Marketing PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Click (CPC) are the sides of the same coin yet there is a difference between the two digital marketing terminologies. Both equally contribute to the success of the digital advertising campaigns and the ideas behind them don’t fall apart. This jargon might confuse you at times but to simplify Pay Per Click (PPC) is a digital marketing channel or approach. On the other hand, Cost Per Click (CPC) is a performance measuring metric that counts the number of clicks that actually got converted into qualified leads and in turn made a profit to the business. The cryptic digital marketing jargon might at times be confusing but we n

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