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02 Aug

The art of making money from mobile applications

App Development Social Media

One of the rapidly growing industries today is mobile application development. There is a widespread of mobile applications in the market across various segments be it e-commerce, retail, banking, healthcare, insurance to government. Being relevant, responsive, and real-time was always the quest of the customers, employees, and partners. Entrepreneurs are solution experts and on the other hand, the frontend developers curate user-friendly mobile application designs. Firstly, your mobile application design should stand out in the market and competition to monetize your mobile application. Discussing the pros and cons of a

30 Jul

Why convert your e-commerce website into a mobile app?


Sales and purchases via the internet are electronic commerce or e-commerce. The art of buying and selling your products and services online is the new trend. Various activities that e-commerce encompasses are online auctions, payment gateways, and internet banking. If transactions could happen in fractions of seconds then why would someone access the website? Patience is what we millennials lack and so mobile apps are an aid for e-commerce. Want to learn more about why it's essential for the conversion of your e-commerce website into a mobile app then this article is for you. Why does the user community prefer mobile applications over websites? Convenience: Mobile apps have many advantages like easy usage, better user experience, and fits different scree

30 Jul

Design improvement by re-evaluation of front-end architecture

web developer web designer

The front-end architecture and navigational experience provisioned to users are the only means of communication with users’. The main point of front-end architecture is that all users are not technology experts hence the design should be such that the end-user community should navigate easily between pages of the web applications. Front-end architecture that flawlessly functions on cross-application platforms, different devices, and environments gives the seamless experience of user interaction. Also, the web developers have to manage stack reconfiguration, client-side routing, code splitting, and lazy loading. The phenomenal technological development by Google is DLS (Design Language

28 Jul

Top Wordpress Tips you need to know

Wordpress Woocommerce

Introduction WordPress is the easiest platform that can be accessed by all beginners to expert web developers as it does not have a need for that one extra mile in your favor to get the best web development. WordPress is a free open source management system written in PHP and coordinated with MySQL or MariaDB Database. For this reason, it is better to Hire Trusted WordPress Developers. Here we are discussing the best tips that you need today for the WordPress world to be conquered properly. Perfect WordPress Themes is what you need.

26 Jul

Angular vs Vue: Which Framework to Choose in 2021?

AngularJs VueJs

When thinking about choosing a framework there are three that come to mind: Angular, React, and Vue. There are many frameworks that have been launched in the past, but none have come close to Angular, React, and Vue. But here we are going to discuss Angular and Vue only. Both Angular.js and Vue.js are JavaScript frameworks for developing front-end web interfaces. Vue is a more progressive and lightweight framework than Angular, also it is a TypeScript structured framework. So, let me help make the decision process a little easier for you. How? By pitting Angular vs Vue. But first, we will learn about the fundamentals of both web frameworks. What is Angular? Angular is a Front-end framew

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