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13 Aug

Foolproof Ways To Optimize Checkout Page And Reduce Cart Abandon

Shopify eCommerce

Every eCommerce business owner is surely familiar with the work Cart Abandonment. There are various factors responsible for card abandonment. On average, the cart has an average 69.57% abandonment rate. It means around 7 out of every 10 people who get to your checkout page leave without making a purchase. Undoubtedly, checkout is the most crucial stage of a customer’s journey. It is the most critical stage where all your efforts come to fruition. Regardless of how good their experience leading up to this, something must be going wrong. It is very important to think about how you can optimize the final step in a consumer’s journey for a better customer experience and more sales? Ecommerce businesses sp

12 Aug

How to Hire an Android Developer?

App Development Social Media

Android is a niche player in the application development industry. It requires an adept Android skill set for any mobile application to stand out in the crowd. Not every mobile application can be successful and potentially be competent enough in the technology market. Mobile app download statistics say that 98% of the revenue of the Android industry comes from free apps whereas only 2% is from the paid apps. On analyzing the statistics and numbers around 935 billion dollars as revenue is expected to be generated from the Android industry. In 2019, the total global mobile app revenue reached 462 billion dollars. We see impressive growth in numbers in this tenure of two years. Understanding the business, technical customer needs and con

10 Aug

Component-driven development for a scalable frontend

web developer Web Development

The go-to strategy adopted by most of the IT gig techs to revolutionize the perception of frontend development, making it scalable, fast, flexible, and streamlined is component-driven development. Most of the frontend monoliths get sluggish with time and enhanced features if added. Component-driven development is a modern modular approach that is responsible for the decomposition of frontend monoliths making it highly scalable. Are you someone looking fo

10 Aug

Comparing two PHP frameworks: Laravel VS CodeIgniter

web developer Website Design

When it comes to web development and designing apart from two predominant programming languages HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript the preferred framework is PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). Around 79% of the websites use PHP. Quite popular PHP frameworks among web artisans are Laravel and Codelgniter. Easy maintenance of code and faster development are the perks that PHP frameworks offer. Adept knowledge of databases and SQL syntax is the requirement of any PHP beginner.  Laravel was developed in 2011 with the aim to have add-on features such as user security and authentication. On the contrary CodeIgniter framework helps web artisans build web applications at a faster pace. A comparative understanding of these two PHP frameworks will help the

09 Aug

Best Marketing Ideas for Restaurant Businesses

SEO Web Development

Restaurant marketing is getting increasingly complicated. It is a jam-packed marketplace as cafés and restaurants keep on being one of our number one favorite places to socialize. You need inventive and cutting-edge restaurant marketing ideas to drive clients to your restaurants and cafés and keep them returning for more! While traditional marketing in your neighborhood is still significant, the approach of the digital world and exploration of sagacious clients implies that you need to blend physical and internet marketing to make the best marketing for your restaurant. Here are our best restaurant marketing ideas and thoughts that will present to you the outcomes you want. 1. Build an easy to use, versatile mobile-friendly website

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