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20 Aug

React Vs Vue: A Battle of Two Most Popular Front-end JS Framework

ReactJs VueJs

Javascript-based frameworks are ever-evolving and with time the front-end web developers are spoilt for choice which framework to opt for. The selection process for which tools and technologies to utilize for building web applications is challenging and tricky. On basis of their expertise, deep analysis, and investigation on the business requirements and needs, the solution architects, as well as the web developers, decide what’s the best suited Javascript-based framework for their project. React supports declarative views, component-driven development, and the creation of add-on features irrespective of writing the available codes again.

19 Aug

Why do web developers prefer ReactJS over AngularJS ?

web developer Web Development

AngularJS and ReactJS are the two popular Javascript-based open-source web development frameworks and libraries. AngularJS has become one of the most used front-end development languages in comparison to ReactJS as it supports web developers in solving single-page application issues. AngularJS has a backbone of HTML whereas ReactJS is a straightforward Javascript-based programming platform. Juxtaposing the two front-end development programming languages, ReactJS is more advanced than AngularJS. ReactJS stood out amongst the two front-end web development technologies gradually and within a stipulated time of release. ReactJS offers various advantages: efficiency, view library, lightweight components, and

17 Aug

Demystifying Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

web developer Web Development

Progressive Web Apps are the latest industry trend that helps businesses to gain more engaged and loyal customers. It is suitable for both the mobile and web-worlds. Progressive Web Apps are: Reliable – They load quickly and never show unable to connect to the internet even in uncertain network conditions. Fast – Their responses to user interactions are so fast and silky smooth animations with no janky scrolling. Engaging – It provides the best user experience and feels like a natural app on the device. But, what really Progressive Web Apps are? What are their benefits and characteristics? Want to know? You are on the right platform. At the end of

16 Aug

Why Choose Node.js For Real-Time Application Development

Web Development NodeJs

With digitalization users’ quest for real-time interactions, the value for time is growing day by day. The mobile app, web app, and desktop app developers investigate and try incorporating as many real-time features as possible to make the application stand out in the technological competition.Node.js is an event-driven and asynchronous JavaScript-based library designed for the creation of scalable server-side networking applications. It runs on the V8 JavaScript engine.  Real-time applications: An application program that functions within a fixed defined interval of time within minimal latency ideally in seconds is preferred. The worst-case execution time abbreviated as WCET is the response time of the mobile or web application which decides whether the application i

14 Aug

Top 20 React Libraries and Frameworks to Look Out for in 2021

React Native React JS

Technology is an ever-changing domain and as a developer, it’s mandatory to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and updates. Adapting and acquainting with the dynamic work environments and keeping the avid learner within you awake is the characteristic of a good developer within you. If JavaScript is your core technology then this article is for you. ReactJS has many benefits and perks to offer such as development time is fast, enhanced productivity, and stable codes. For building user interfaces, ReactJS is a predominant JavaScript library. It is considered as an advanced level of ReactJS libraries as suggested by the React developers. This blog is a rollercoa

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