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27 Aug

The Best Practices To Design Dark Mode For Mobile Apps In 2021

UI/UX App Design

The new generation just loves the feature of dark mode. It has also been the most requested feature in-app design in 2021 over the last few years. It is one of the latest trends in design, and big brands across the globe like WhatsApp, Instagram, Google, Facebook, and Apple have already been in the race on the dark mode design train. It is becoming more and more demanding because it relaxes your eyes, dim the lighting, and saves energy. Thus, while creating dark themes, you have to make sure to make them enjoyable, readable and stabilized. But if it is not designed correctly, the dark mode can work opposite of its gain. You should be very careful while designing it and hire professionals. The official launch of Android 10 and iOS 13 increases the demand for Dark theme User Inter

26 Aug

How Much Does It Cost To Design a Mobile App?

UI/UX App Design

Designing the mobile application is the most critical part irrespective of the efforts on curating it to be unique and innovative. The long-run profitability and user community interaction completely depend on the mobile application design. Appealing visual imprints accompanied by user-friendly designs make your mobile application stand out amongst its competitors. Understanding the business aspects and market success should always be a prerequisite of any mobile application developer.  Design-driven approach:

24 Aug

Whom to Hire: A Full Stack Developer VS A Specialized Developer?

web developer Web Development

Alike other industries the Information technology and services industry does have many notions whilst hiring manpower. In search of the right fit for the right job, recruiters must have a clear understanding of the roles and business goals. Recruiting or hiring multiskilled brains there is a constant dilemma amongst most of the recruiters whether to go for Full Stack Developers VS Specialized Developers. Many industry surveys and experiences from top recruiters quote that design roles are in alignment with the business goals and consider candidates according to the need of the hour. Before we delve deeper, understanding the difference between Full Stack Developers VS Specialized Developers is important. This article will give you a clear picture of whom to hire and why.

23 Aug

Angular JS tools for Web Developers

Web Development AngularJs

Web Development was never a cakewalk, it's a challenging task. The primary focus of web development is not always web design rather it is touch-base on the optimal coding implementation techniques. Web developers not only aim at the resources loaded onto the designed web page but also offer user-friendly web page insights. Profiling and Auditing are the pillars of web development as they are checkpoints to test the performance and responsiveness of web applications. Keeping the business requirements in mind every web developer has to choose a particular framework that best fits the project undertaken. The decision of the backbone framework decide

21 Aug

How to Improve Your Website’s Internal Site Search

Web Development Custom Web

Marketers and website managers are mostly their own worst enemies when it comes to improving a website's internal site search. For a huge website with tons of visitors, even the most minimal improvement in the number of conversions has a great impact on revenue. It has become a science to analyze the data coming in from the website, blog, marketing automation, and CRM systems. Mostly, visitors of the website engage with the internal site search to search products, content, etc., and failing to provide a good search experience to users can result in reducing conversions, sales, and ultimately non-returning customers. We all know the importance of search engine optimization or SEO and how it is helpful to increase the traffic on your website by bringing visitors. Most of t

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