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04 Sep

A Complete Guide to Use Typography in UI Design

Website Design UI/UX

Typography is far beyond picking a pleasant text style for your site or application; it is the specialty of utilizing typefaces to rejuvenate your interface. With such a huge amount to think about when working with typography, including meaningfulness, accessibility, and hierarchy, your use of typography could identify the differentiation between a decent interface and an extraordinary one. In this blog post, we have spread out three vital stages to use as a guiding reference as you consolidate typography into your UI/UX design. We will get going by taking you through the most common way of picking your font styles, prior to taking a look at the two primary standards of typography in the UI/UX design: readability

03 Sep

Top Landing Page Design Tips to Increase Conversion

Website Design UI/UX

Building a landing page can be misleadingly simple. Hiring a UI/UX designer implies you do not have to worry about the perfect landing page. They are the experts who can do it effectively. All things considered, going in blind is not suggested. To give you a superior early advantage, here are some prescribed procedures that have been demonstrated to boost conversion rates and diminish cost-per-acquisition. Here are some of the Landing page tips, but before that let’s start with some basics. They are a beginning stage to assist you with developing your best first attempt at a landing page. From that point forward, you need to analyze and let the customers choose what they believe is the best-converting page

02 Sep

Magento Vs Shopify Vs PrestaShop Vs WordPress

Shopify Wordpress

The selection of the e-commerce platform is critical as it decides the success or the failure of the online business. The e-commerce platform should ideally aid web development to create, manage and maintain the glimpse of an online store adaptable and comfortable for the target audiences. Out of the many e-commerce platforms Shopify, WordPress, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and BigCommerce, why does Magento stand out in the crowd for web development?  Magento is a PHP framework-based open-source e-commerce platform. This e-commerce platform is used for web development ranging from small to large businesses. For enterprise applications, they provide advanced support. Magento has salient features to offer that 25% of the online

01 Sep

Tips and Tricks of Content Marketing

SEO Digital Marketing

There is a whirlpool of opportunities online to promote and advertise your brand to the target audience and flourish online businesses. Statistics say that there are four billion audiences who use the internet today. The heavy usage of the internet around the globe could be a channel to attract new customers and create brand loyalty. Content marketing is the best means to publicize a product or service and spread brand awareness globally. Content marketing falls under the umbrell

30 Aug

SEO-friendly Web Design - The need for successful online business

Website Design SEO Web Development

Online is the new normal. Before we plan to purchase any item of our wish we scroll through the online websites of the business. We compare the prices, designs, patterns, and at times the various options available online. With the revolution in the digital marketing industry, the number of internet users has exceeded in millions as quoted by the E-commerce department. The online business is increasing at a rapid pace. Having a strong online presence and impression on the consumers is the need of the hour. This article will give you deep insights on why SEO-friendly Web Design - The need for successful online business. What is SEO?

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