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10 Sep

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Digital Marketing Social Media

To improve the visibility of your business online and in turn increase the number of visitors on your website Local SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the digital marketing strategy used.SEO has tactics that boost businesses’ growth online by appearing on particular websites as a top priority on SERP(Search Engine Results Page) which is colloquially known as organic, earned, or natural results. The search performance of the particular website and reduces the search time of the particular product/service. Local SEO facts and figures as according to latest surveys:

09 Sep

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertisement


Businesses are going online these days and with enhancements in technology, the number of personal websites holders is at its peak. The medium for communication is more simplified due to the web presence of business with the target audience. And digital marketing has proven to be a cost-effective solution in today’s world. The web presence has opened gateways for marketers to earn via the internet and PPC (Pay Per Click) has taken center stage in this initiative.PPC (Pay Per Click) stands out amongst all the digital marketing strategies because of its advantages of increasing traffic on your website and also promoting business online. PPC (Pay Per Click): Popular model of

08 Sep

Latest Facebook algorithm changes

Digital Marketing Social Media

Facebook algorithm is the mechanism or set of instructions controlled in Facebook at the backend and decides on what content should be visible then to that particular user. User search history, and the timing and type of post that the user updates decide the content to be shown up. Statistics state that there are 2.895 billion monthly active users and the traffic is at its peak around 09 am to 01 pm. Facebook is a leading user engagement platform in 2021 and has proven to be the most powerful marketing and business platform. Facebook targets to give the best user experience and maximize the watch time of the users keeping them encouraged. Before discussing the latest Facebook algorithm word we need to understand the core

07 Sep

What is Headless E-commerce?


Headless CMS is far apart from the conventional CMS like WordPress or Drupal who had the front-end and back-end tightly linked. Headless CMS is the inverse – it decouples content management from the presentation layer. In case „head" is the presentation layer (or the frontend) and „body" is the substance vault – we whack the head off the body and consequently the name „headless". What we are left with is the crude substance that we can access through API calls. Our CMS is presently a content-only data source.  Furthermore, since we at this point do not have a default front-end, we are allowed to make as numerous „heads" as we wish and convey our substance to any ga

06 Sep

Pillars of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Social Media

Digital Marketing is the need of the hour. With exponential growth in the number of digital customers and consumers, a mere mobile application or well-designed website doesn’t always serve the purpose of creating digital imprints on the audience. Digital marketing is an online promotion and advertisement strategy to connect with the target audience. Content published online and email marketing if clubbed together is at times referred to as Inbound Marketing which helps businesses to build long-term relationships and has a problem-solving approach.

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