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23 Sep

What is W3C validation, and why is it important?

SEO Web Development

What do you mean by W3C validation? It is one of the very pinnacles of elements affecting the quality of website development. It permits the users to check HTML and XHTML documents/files with the characterized W3c norms. What is W3c? The World Wide Web Consortium(W3c) is a global firm dedicated to improving the web. It is made up of various part associations from various IT areas to deal with different web issues. It is like checking the English sentences by the punctuation rules of the language in which it is composed. Likewise, it i

22 Sep

How to migrate GoDaddy Email to Gmail

Web Development

The following article will guide you on how to migrate from GoDaddy email to a Gmail account for free. The main reason to migrate is Gmail provide the best service for free, which are chargeable in GoDaddy emails. Moving forward, here is the list of steps you should follow to migrate to Gmail from GoDaddy error-free. Enable POP in GoDaddy Email Enable POP and Disable IMAP in your Gmail Account Migrate GoDaddy Email in Gmail Account Step 1: Enable POP in GoDaddy Email

21 Sep

How to use JSON data in Shopify liquid code

Shopify Web Development

As we all know in Shopify Liquid template language, they do not allow JSON or objects (not product objects). has provided a solution for that. I hope this can help you out. To start with, you should install the Metafields Guru application to make metafields. Make a new meta field under Shop settings. Select JSON string as type and type data as key.  Apply this JSON sample data [ { "firstName": "ABC", "lastName": "xyz", "email": "" }] Apply the code snippet to render this JSON data that can use the JSON data in liquid. {% assign users = %}

20 Sep

Functional and Non-Functional Requirements of Shopify

Shopify eCommerce

The main aim of the Shopify application and web design is to satisfy the needs of the customer and meet business requirements. Quality is what the customers look for in Shopify application and web design and hence focus should be on the process rather than the outcomes. The clarity of the functional requirements defines the flow of the process. Non-functional requirements and functional requirements are the sides of the same coin. We cannot ignore the non-functional requirements as they are potentially competent in degrading the standards of the product. The delivery of high-quality Shopify applications and web design is an intricate process as it directly affects the stakeholders involved. Let us explore together the f

18 Sep

Should designers use design bundles?

web designer Website Design

Whether you are a web designer who needs icons and buttons or a brand designer in need of mockups. In order to reduce costs and speed up workaround solutions, it is always preferred to go for design bundles. Also, it completely depends on your project requirements on whether to use Design bundles or not. Should designers use design bundles? Design bundles: Design bundles are nothing but readymade and easily downloadable sets of design templates available online. Weekly statistics state that around two million users leverage the benefits of Des

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