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03 Nov

Applying Fitts Law in User Interface Design

Website Design

Sometimes applying some small tips and tricks on designing the User Interface can increase the number of target audiences in turn making huge sales conversions. Applying Fitts’ Law in User Interface Design not just enhances the User Interface Design but also creates an amazing User Experience (UX) for the target audience. Being a UI/UX designer having an understanding of the Fitts’ Law does not just help you only with the improvements in the User Interface design principles but also help you gain foresight in business terms. This article is a guidebook on the terminologies related to Fitts’ Law and its relevant applications. Let us deep dive and gain insights exploring the same together through this article. Fitts’Law:

02 Nov

Dark Patterns - A potential threat for UX design

Website Design

Dark patterns are renowned in web designing these days but the definition of them is becoming tedious and a bit difficult. Dark patterns are adopted as design conventions making it critical to understand the various manipulative techniques in order to curate products that are ethical and customer-centric. A persuasive UX design pattern is preferred and should always be on the top list as it maximizes and grabs the attention of the user community on the product. The popularity of persuasive UX design is because of the fact that users' preferences are considered and potent digital solutions as per users’ needs are implemented. They amplify and enhance the sense of satisfaction and trustworthiness endowed to the users.

01 Nov

Minimalism in UX design

Website Design UI/UX

Less is more is the new normal and this is what Hicks law quotes for the concept of Minimalism. A new thinking methodology introduced in the digital market for simple yet elegant UX designs has now become an essential part of web designing. Minimalism in UX design implements and embeds the right amount of text and animation which gives a sober look and feel to the design. The main motto behind this design is to present data that is relevant to the user and necessary. Minimal options and choices are kept available on the website desi

30 Oct

RedlioDesigns is a Proud Top-Notch Design & Dev Company on Clutch

SEO Digital Marketing Social Media

Redlio Designs is a Proud Top-Notch Design & Dev Company on Clutch Websites are crucial for your business. It is the very heart of your online presence and marketing efforts. No one wants a website that doesn't have character and soul. You deserve the very best to make sure that you can connect with your audiences and generate great results. Located in the heart of Jamnagar, India, our team is known to be the best in what we do. Since starting this company, we've had an incredible success delivery rate of 100%, an

22 Oct

future-ready is shape the world, how it benefit your business?

Web Development App Development

The way to become future-ready is not really direct. Indeed, even stable associations can speed up their excursions by climbing more than one development level through this. Adding intelligence to the journey by applying an essential way to deal with propelling the operating model and developing the business through innovation, processes, and people is necessary. Generally speaking, we find there are three things you should know to become future-ready.   Know the definitive objective.

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