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10 Nov

Web design defects that affect digital marketing

Website Design Digital Marketing

Web design is the front face of any website which is seen by the target audience. The eye-catching impressions, as well as the best navigational experiences, are signs of good web design. The strategy that the web designers use can either have a positive or a negative influence on the audience depending on the UI/UX design curated. Research says content does attract the audience but the design has an integral role to play because it is the backbone and basis whether the website visitors will stay or leave the website. But at times a few web design defects that affect digital marketing are ignored or overlooked. Three benefits that an amazing UI/UX design attracts are traffic, lead generation, and sales conversions.

09 Nov

Advanced Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce

Shopify Woocommerce

The most integral part of any WooCommerce store or e-commerce business is shipping. Shipping directly influences the customer satisfaction rate and indirectly the sales conversions of the firm. Based on the shipping or carrier services offered to the consumers the buying or the purchasing decisions are decided. Potentially there are two main challenges that are technical and logistics setbacks faced when it comes to WooCommerce.Fortunately, with the help of additional inbuilt advanced shipping plugins and extensions available for WooCommerce shipments are more systematic as well as hassle-free. It becomes a critical and essential step to analyze the features of the advanced Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce before you decide which one is the

08 Nov

Ways to safeguard businesses by strengthening IT Cyber security

Cyber Security

The IT Cybersecurity domain is changing rapidly and due to digitalization, the complexities in this field are a bit challenging. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has enforced certain laws for the safety and protection of the citizens and has brought a paradigm shift in business operations. Online and virtual workstations are the new normal these days. Every coin has two sides, so does the cyber security industry. The greatest threat that businesses run online today is cybercrime and security threats. These adversities definitely debar brand loyalty and customers’ trust. Understanding the stated facts and figures on cyberattacks across the information industry, a few takeaways that are shocking and astonishing is that though due to the breakdown of the pandemic

05 Nov

The SEO Guidebook of 2021 to optimize Shopify

Shopify eCommerce

Online stores are a convenient alternative to shopping in person because it is backed with various advantages and benefits. Nowadays market research says that the buying decision patterns of consumers are drastically changed when compared to our previous generations. Online stores are the best means in e-commerce that help buyers to do an extensive survey and research on the products they wish to purchase in their comfort zone. Direct purchases are made online in a much easier and flexible fashion with the support of technology and the internet. This paradigm shift from traditional shopping methods to online stores makes it necessary for any online seller to render their service or sell the product in the best manner online.

04 Nov

How do UX architect, UX analyst, & UX designer differ?

web designer Website Design

User Experience is a holistic process of experience conveyed by users using the product or application developed by the web developer or a web designer. Navigations, usability, and appealing content are some parameters on which the user experience is defined. Task completion with ease and flexibility is also a point of observation when it comes to commenting on the user experience of the product. The more you deep dive and understand UX in broader aspects the complexity of the roles and responsibilities of UX developers goes on increasing. User Experience (UX) is related to everything that the user community does and also it defines the workflow pre and post-usi

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